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My Healthy Baby is here to connect you to a local family support provider for one-on-one guidance during your pregnancy and after your baby is born. This free service from a caring, supportive professional in your own community will be a great addition to the guidance you might already get from family and friends. Get started below.

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At no cost to you, a family support provider can…

  • Home iconMeet regularly with you in a place that’s comfortable for you – at home or a public space
  • Questions iconAnswer your questions about pregnancy and baby care
  • Resources iconHelp with access to resources and free baby products

Hear from moms like you:

  • Carolina Sierra

    Watch Arianna's Story Amaka helped me with advocating for myself as a mother, always reminding me that I know what’s best for my daughter. Arianna, first-time mom

  • Arianna Krystle

    Watch Sierra's Story I wish I would've had support with my two older ones because it was hard being the age that I was and not having support, and then having support with my youngest was nice because I didn't have to worry.... Sierra, mom of three

  • Sierra Carolina

    Watch Krystle's Story This program is so vital because it’s someone getting in the thick of things with you. Krystle, mom of three

  • Krystle Desiray

    Watch Carolina's Story My meetings with Sara are the best time of the week, honestly....It's so worth giving them a chance to come to your home, get to know your babies, or get to know you as well. Carolina, first-time mom

  • Carolina Shaquayla

    Watch Desiray's Story Being in the program, I've learned so much about myself and my daughter. I feel like I have a sense of security and confidence that no one could have given me and that no one can take away from me. Desiray, first-time mom

  • Desiray Analissa

    Watch Shaquayla's Story I’m grateful for my experience in the program. I don’t think that we would be where we are without her and her encouragement, so I’m forever grateful to her. Shaquayla, first-time mom

  • Shaquayla ReKia

    Watch Analissa's Story My daughters were in the NICU for three months so I needed that extra support…to help me pick the right choices in how to raise my babies….[My provider] has really helped me in order to create healthy children. Analissa, mom of three

  • Analissa Brittney

    Watch ReKia's Story She was asking me to make sure Carter’s doing well, make sure he’s hitting all his milestones. Then she’s like, okay, well, how are you doing? ReKia, first-time mom

  • ReKia Dahlilia

    Watch Brittney's Story There are really so many ways the program could help you with anything you need….It’s not just about me and about the baby, it’s about the whole family….Now we’re a lot more comfortable in how we’re living our lives and parenting our kids. Brittney, mom of three

  • Brittney Cierra

    Watch Dahlilia's Story I’m a first-time parent so everything is a new experience. I definitely wanted to have all the information or as much as I could, so when the time came, I would be better prepared to help with my son’s development. Dahlilia, first-time mom

  • Dahlilia Jennifer

    Watch Ciera's Story I had really really bad post partum depression with my son…She was always checking in on my mental health, trying to make sure I was okay and she really didn’t give up on me. [After the help with my provider] I feel like a completely different person. Ciera, mom of two

  • Cierra Carolina

    Watch Jennifer's Story The most helpful thing for me is just having [my provider] here…She makes [my daughter’s] day brighter and lets me know I’m doing a good job with her….We talk about breastfeeding, we talk about diaper changes…and don’t forget you have to get rest yourself….More moms should know and be a part of this program. Jennifer, first-time mom

  • Jennifer Carolina

    La Historia de Carolina Mi vida diaria y aún familiar se impactó muchísimo al estar en este programa. He crecido en conocimiento para cuidarme a mí y cuidar a mi hijo durante mi embarazo y aún después de tenerlo. Carolina, mamá primeriza

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be contacted?

Mother with baby on porch steps talking with a family support provider

Once you fill out the form above, you will receive a phone call from the Indiana Department of Health. If you miss our call, we will leave a voicemail. Please return the call as soon as you can so we can get you connected to your free, local family support provider. We are open 8:30 a.m – 5:00 p.m. EST daily and calls typically take 20-30 minutes.

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What kind of local support will I receive?

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We know that the support one mom needs may be very different from other moms. Through one-on-one meetings with you, your family support provider will be able to listen, learn, and customize the best support for you that meets your circumstances and needs.

Your local support could consist of:

  • Answers to your questions about pregnancy and baby care
  • Connections to services and resources such as food and housing, transportation, child care
  • Access to free baby items such as cribs, diapers, car seats and more

Your customized plan is just a click away! Get connected today by clicking the button below or give us a call.

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What happens during a visit with a family support provider?

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Visits usually last about an hour and can take place in your home or at a public place like a park, restaurant or library. Your provider may be able to meet with you virtually (a phone or laptop video conference). During your first visit, you and your family support provider will get to know each other. Together, you will decide the topics to cover at your visits.

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What if I’m unsure about having someone come into my home?

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Your family support provider is there to help you navigate pregnancy and motherhood in a way that works for you. This means that you can meet in a public space or at your home. Many moms appreciate the convenience of meeting at home. This can also be very beneficial for you and your baby as your support provider is better able to understand you and your baby’s current environment and needs. Your provider is not there to judge you or your home. We encourage meeting at home when possible, but each mom knows what’s best for her and can schedule her meetings at the location that is most comfortable and convenient for her.

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Can other family members be involved?

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Yes! Moms often find it helpful for partners, family members or even friends to be involved during visits. The education and support you receive can help the entire family.

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How long can I expect to receive support?

A family support provider and mother playing with a baby

It’s best to get connected as soon as you find out you’re pregnant so you can receive the fullest range of support. Your family support provider meets with you throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born unless you choose to opt out earlier. Staying in the program can help you feel confident as your baby grows and changes. The program is completely voluntary.

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Is there really no cost?

That’s right! My Healthy Baby connects you to a local organization at no cost. And there is no cost for your family support provider to meet with you and for you to receive helpful resources.

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Why should I participate?

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There are many things you can do during your pregnancy and baby’s first year for a great start. You will learn tips for helping both yourself and your baby. As an Indiana family, you deserve to have positive pregnancy and infant experiences. Women across the state say their family support providers have helped them navigate pregnancy and beyond, in a way that is informative, supportive and respectful.

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Why should I get connected when I'm pregnant?

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Getting connected as early as possible in your pregnancy helps you get the education, services and support you need from the very start. Our moms who do this say that it helps them be extra prepared for the birth and caring for their new baby.

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How do I know if I qualify?

The phone representative from My Healthy Baby will be able to help you determine if you qualify for the program based on your county of residence. Only Indiana residents can qualify for this program.

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If I'm covered by Medicaid, will this impact my coverage?

No, not at all. Just like My Healthy Baby, Medicaid wants your baby to have access to the best local family support available. That’s why working with My Healthy Baby will not affect your Medicaid coverage in any way.

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* Only Indiana residents can qualify for this program.